Interdisciplinary Leadership

The Dialogue Project’s Steering Committee includes faculty, staff, and student leaders from units and organizations across campus, including the Leslie Center for the HumanitiesNelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social SciencesStudent Wellness Center, Dartmouth Political UnionOffice of Pluralism and Leadership, Human Resources, and Dartmouth’s residential house system.

Elizabeth Smith Headshot

Elizabeth F. Smith

Director of Academic Partnerships and Faculty Engagement, Dialogue Project; Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

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Kristi Clemens headshot

Kristi Clemens

Director of Student and Staff Initiatives, Dialogue Project; Assistant Vice President for Equity and Compliance

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Jason Barabas headshot

Jason Barabas ’93

Director, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences; Professor of Government

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Caitlin Barthemes headshot

Caitlin Barthelmes

Director, Student Wellness Center

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Rebecca Biron headshot

Rebecca Biron

Professor of Spanish and Portuguese and of Comparative Literature; Director, Leslie Center for the Humanities

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Jessica Chirboga headshot

Jessica Chiriboga ’24

President, Dartmouth Student Government; President, Dartmouth Political Union

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Josh Compton headshot

Josh Compton

Professor of Speech

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Dylan Griffith headshot

Dylan Griffith ’25

Vice President, Dartmouth Political Union

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Zantasia Johnson headshot

Zantasia Johnson

Assistant Director, Office of Pluralism and Leadership

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Lisa Loomis headshot

Lisa Loomis

Senior Trainer, Human Resources Learning and Development

Christopher Macevitt headshot

Christopher MacEvitt

Professor of Religion; House Professor, East Wheelock House

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Choloe Poston headshot

Chloe Poston

Vice President for Culture, Belonging, and Strategic Engagement

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Emma Wolfe headshot

Emma Wolfe

Vice President for Government and Community Relations

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