Anti-Racism Experts Talk About Listening and Validation

Shanterra McBride and Rosalind Wiseman shared insights from their book at recent campus event.


Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss on NBC-5

Tarek El-Ariss and Susannah Heschel Foster Open Dialogue on the Middle East

The two professors spoke with NBC-5 about navigating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in classrooms at Dartmouth and across the country.


Marc Brackett speaking to audience.

Marc Brackett Delivers Inaugural Dialogue Project Lecture

The Yale professor and best-selling author emphasized the power of emotional intelligence.

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In the News

The Chronicle of Higher Education: Can colleges foster civil discourse?

A feature exploring campus events on the Gaza war highlights the Dialogue Project. 


The New Yorker: Co-teaching a class on Israel and Palestine

Visiting professor Bernard Avishai authors a column on the benefits of co-teaching at Dartmouth with senior lecturer Ezzedine Fishere.


Council of Foreign Relations hosts webinar led by Dartmouth professors

Professors and program chairs Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss led a program on navigating academic discourse on Israel and Palestine.


Inside Higher Ed highlights the Dialogue Project

Dean Elizabeth F. Smith discusses the project’s mission.


‘The Unspeakable Podcast’ features Dartmouth faculty on the Middle East  

Professors Bernard Avishai and Ezzedine Fishere Ezzedine teach a joint course on Israeli/Palestinian politics.


‘60 Minutes’ highlights Dartmouth forums

Professors Bernard Avishai and Ezzedine Fishere and several students discuss the campus forums they took part in at Dartmouth on the crisis in the Middle East.


PBS: How Dartmouth is fostering dialogue

PBS showcases two Dartmouth professors who set out to create a forum for students to discuss their thoughts on the Middle East.



NPR: How two Dartmouth professors are addressing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

NPR's Scott Simon talks to professors Susannah Heschel and Tarek El-Ariss.



The Economist: The Gaza war could help set speech free again

Dartmouth led forums on the crisis in the Middle East.